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Networking is about meeting new people and beginning with today’s post, I’ll be introducing and showcasing people in my network.

Today, I’m introducing Amorah Ross.

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Amorah Ross
Positive Life Works

* What I do:

Do you find yourself asking, “What Now?” at this stage of your life, business or career?

Consciousness is a catalyst for transformation. Whether you want to pursue your heart’s desire, fulfill your life’s purpose, navigate a major life or career transition, or align your goals with your core values, transformative coaching promotes consciousness through expanded self-awareness and deepened inner connection. Confidential individual sessions help you explore unlimited possibilities, design and strengthen your intentions and goals, as well as embrace all facets of your life from the inside-out.

* What makes my heart sing about what I do:

Witnessing my clients define life on their own terms and stretching/growing beyond anything they thought they could achieve. Observing their self-confidence increase, their communication skills improve, their ability to set and hold personal boundaries become strong and achieving/exceeding their goals – all of these occurrences make my heart sing. More than that, to have the privilege of being the partner for an individual committed to being the best they can be and supporting them as a nurturing champion of their greatness – what greater service can one human being provide for another than this?

* How others can help me

I’m currently accepting new clients in my coaching practice; they may be experiencing one or more of the following situations: A romantic relationship has ended. Or a job that was once going to be a career has just evaporated. Or a child has left home. Or they’ve moved to a new town. Or a dear one has died. Or they’re suddenly facing a health crisis, or a financial crisis, or a crisis of faith . . .whatever the circumstance, they are sure about one thing: Nothing will ever be the same.

Contact Amorah at:

Coaching Line: 425.788.4303 | Mobile: 425.241.3151 | Toll Free: 877.228.2622 Ext. 103Skype: amorahross | Twitter: | Blog:  | LinkedIn:

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