The Savvy Networker is well informed, perceptive, and displays networking skills at the next level or at a superior level.  Traits of the Savvy Networker include:

  • Always Prepared
  • Has a strategic plan and works that plan
  • Has goals in mind for each networking event
  • Shows up and is present with each person
  • Has a 15, 30, and 60 second prepared & practiced introduction
  • Is flexible and adaptable to each situation
  • Knows how to listen
  • Knows that Networking is not about “selling in the now”
  • Knows that Networking is about building relationships
  • Gives without keeping score
  • Knows that the “getting” or “receiving” comes later
  • Helps others through referrals and resources
  • Looks for opportunities to connect & promote others
  • Follows up

Networking is much too important of a business tool to be left to chance!