ABC’s of Follow Up: F is for Frequent and Familiar

Thank youFollow up frequently to remain familiar with your contacts.  Now, I am not suggesting that you follow up with everyone on a frequent basis.  However, there are usually 5  to 10 people who are key activators, advocates, and accelerators for your success and these people need to hear from you on a regular basis so that you stay familiar with and to them.

How do you accomplish this?  Well you can begin by putting their names into your calendar management system on a scheduled pattern for regular small touches.  You can  do this in Gmail, Outlook, or whichever system you are currently using to keep track of your contacts.

What’s a touch? 

  • A phone call
  • An email
  • A hand written note
  • A greeting card sent for no apparent reason other than to just say hello
  • A clipping from a magazine that reminded you of something that is important to them
  • An invitation to lunch, a concert, a movie, or a presentation by a interesting speaker
  • An invitation to a walk and talk
  • A donation to an important charity on their behalf
  • Your creativity can go to work here ….

So what is a touch for you?  Let me know the ways in which you keep in contact on a frequent basis with your important contacts.

Happy Connecting!

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