ABC’s of Follow Up – C is for Connecting

Sticky connector
The best networkers are connectors at heart.  And, that is a very good thing because one of the most powerful ways to build relationships is to act as a connector for the key people in your life.

How do you advocate and make warm connections for others?  You begin by paying very close attention to who your key person is at their core.  What are their core values?  Who do they serve best?  What makes their heart sing?  What gives them joy?  What is their passion?

When you know these things about a person, I am confident that you are well past the knowing and liking stages of building relationships.  You are well on your way to the trusting stage.  So, when you know someone at their very core and you trust them to be true to themselves as you have grown to know them, then it is easy to take the next step.

And that next step is watching out for opportunities to introduce them to people that you know that would be a good fit with their purpose, passion, and competencies.

You are the conduit that can make magic happen for the people in your network.  Pay close attention to what people say they do and to what people say they need.  Then, begin connecting the dots.  By advocating for others and clearing the way so that their paths can converge for a moment or a lifetime, you will be well on your way to making favorable and lasting impressions on the key important people in your life.

Now that’s connective!

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