ABC’s of Follow Up: D is for Dreaming

Business Networking is about building relationships.  Follow up after the event is for reinforcing the relationship.

One of the key things to be listening for when you are networking with people is what are their hopes and dreams.  What big audacious goal is enticing them to dream really big for their business?  What lights them up about their dream?

And you might be thinking, “Zita, you are out of your mind … how am I going to find out what people are dreaming about in their business?”

And I would say back to you, “Just ask!”

Everyone loves to talk about themselves.  You know you do.  So ask.  Here are some sample questions that you can ask the next time you are out building relationships through your business networking:

“Wow, that’s really interesting, Joe.  So, tell me what big plan are you working on right now that has you excited about the future?”

“Sally, I understand that you are a business coach.  What exciting goals have you set for yourself for this next quarter?”

“James, I’m so glad we had this opportunity to connect.  Before we part, can you tell me one thing about your business that currently has your attention and you are on fire about?”

I promise you if you ask these, or similar questions, you will get a shocked look from most people … and they will pause for a moment to think … and then you will see them glow from the inside out as you listen intently to what they share with you.

And, if you are smart (and I know you are) then you will make a mental note to support them in that dream.  You can be on the watch for any article or resource that would be valuable to them.  When you find such info and share it with them via email, snail mail, or over the phone – they will realize that you are serious about supporting them in their dreams and achieving their goals.

By helping them to name their dream and bring it into reality, you will have greatly upped your social visibility with them.  Increasing your value to them as a connection in the magic web that they are weaving for themselves.

Dream big for yourself and encourage others in their dreaming as well!

Happy Connecting!

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