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SvenContinuing on in the saga of introducing people in my network to the world ….

Sven Mogelgaard
Byte Slaves

What I do:

I am a PC Paramedic.  That means I specialize in dealing with those “oh nuts” moments when your computer or your network goes on the fritz and you need it fixed fast.  We do offer data recovery, new computer and network setuip and general IT services (such as PC Tune Ups) as well.  Aside from rapid response time, we give you the opportunity to look over our shoulder and learn the ins and outs of taming 21st century technology.
What makes my heart sing:

The smile and giddy sense of relief that emanates for a client after a successful service call.  We can’t save ’em all, but when we do (which is most of the time) we leave our clients in a better place with some suggestions that can prevents future problems.

How you would recognize a great referral for me:

(in just a couple of sentences … what would we hear them say?  What would we see them do?  What is the problem that you solve?)

Anyone who uses “golf words” when referring to their computer.  If they’re not cursing they may say things like “I’d like to throw it out the window” or “the folks at the <insert box store name> made it worse” and, my favorite, “I spent hours on the phone and could barely understand what s/he was saying.’

What I need for my business right now is:

Partners for presentations.  Partners that are in compliemntary professions where computers play a primary role or vice versa.  I want to build a synergistic relationship that will allow us to educate participants, allow us to demonstrate our expertise and increase awareness of our products and services.

Zita’s Notes:  Hey everybody, Sven is the real deal when it comes to saving the day around your computer.  Last week, after several frantic calls when my wireless system went down at my home office, Sven drove to my house and did CPR on the system and he got to see how giddy I can be when my lifeline was back up and running like it should be.  I highly recommend Sven for ANY work or help that you might need with your computer or wireless system!You can reach Sven at:

Sven Mogelgaard, President/CEO Byte Slaves, Inc.
Phone: 425-482-9529
Fax: 425-488-3646
Toll Free: 877-972-7767

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