Are you filling your pipeline?

I was chatting with a gentleman a few days ago and he was telling me that THIS is his busiest time of the year.  He has more clients than he can easily serve AND he works tirelessly to make sure that each of his clients feels that they are the only client he has in the moment.

And where was I when I was talking with him?  At a networking event, of course!

This fellow’s success lies strongly in the fact that he is always working at keeping himself and his business in “Top of Mind” awareness mode … pay attention here … all year long.

He doesn’t sit back and let his network forget about him during his busy season.  He keeps showing up where people expect to see him, connect with him, and learn about what his latest project is.  In this way. he is always on the mind of the people who have grown to know, like, and trust him.  And when someone needs the service he provides, who do you suspect will get the call?  The guy who shows up or the one who does not?  I think it’s safe to say that the guy or gal who shows up consistently all year ’round is the one who gets the nod.

The lesson here is be consistent in your marketing and networking efforts.  If you belong to an organization that meets monthly be sure to BE at those events and continue to grow your connections.

Nature hates a void … and if you are not there to keep your marketing momentum going … someone else who does the same thing or something nearly the same will have the opportunity to begin to get a foothold on that share of market awareness.

Too many people let their networking/marketing efforts slide in the summer and then again during the holidays.  Don’t let that be you.  Keep filling your pipeline with strong relationships and advocates who will help you to spread the word about your business.

Attract more business by being present and consistent and by being a connector for others.

Ask yourself this … what have I done today to impact the awarenesss of my product or service in the marketplace?  And if the answer does not bring you satisfaction toward the concept of filling your pipeline, you might want to consider taking action today.  Your sales 6 months from now may depend on it!

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