Savor the Positive – Enjoy Your Good to Great Moments

In a world that sometimes seems too focused on the negative YOU have the total power to turn your attention to the positive.

We’ve all heard the saying, “Stop and smell the roses.”

I’m wondering, when was the last time that you stopped to smell your roses?  And by roses, I mean the beautiful actions that you create in your life each day.  I mean the kindnesses that you extend to others.  The helping hand that you extend to a friend in need.  The way you warmly include someone in a conversation.

Many of us are journaling our way to thankfulness or gratefulness by counting the things in our lives that we are thankful for.  By noticing these things, we keep our focus on what matters and we attract more of the same to us.

I’m suggesting that we also make time to recognize and savor how WE are BEING in the world and enjoy those moments.  When we recognize this ability in ourselves, we attract more opportunities to experience even more good to great moments.  And, that’s not only for ourselves but for the many wonderful people that we cross paths with each day.

Today, I received a great compliment from a friend when she told me that I handled a difficult situation with grace and poise.  Several years ago, I might have brushed off the compliment.  Today, I let the glow of her kind words wash over me … and I basked in the warmth of those good feelings for more than a few very nice moments.  Savoring the positive felt very good.

It is THAT memory that will help me choose grace and poise again at some future unknown moment.

What good to great moments have you experienced in the last 24 hours?  I hope that you savored them well!

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