Follow up – Greetings – You can use right away

Back in December, I posted here that I was dismayed with Plaxo’s decision to step back in time with their ecards.

I’ve found a new source for all of you who want a way to brighten someone’s day without the added hassle of having to follow a link to pick up a greeting card that you have sent via email.


Andrea J. Lee is the World License Holder, Thomas Leonard Works Former General Manager,, and she hosts his original cards on this site .

The cards are well thought out and inspirational.  Once you personalize the card it is sent directly to your adressee via email.  That means it pops right into their mail box and they don’t have to go pick up your greeting.

Smart, fast, and easy.  Follow up with people you want to stay in instant touch with and you’ll be gaining top of mind awareness as you do.  That’s just another way to say thank you.

Happy Connecting!

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