The problem with expectations

Last night, I was reading the March issue of O Magazine when I came across this idea from Rudy Rasmus, “I believe expectations are premeditated resentment.”  (There was more to the quote.  He was answering a person’s question and if you want to see the whole story… go to page 66 of the March Issue of O Magazine.)

Wow, what a concept.  That really got me to thinking about the issue of expectations.  Do we set ourselves up to resent others when they don’t live up to what we expect?  Who owns the expectation?  And then who owns the resentment?  It is amazing to me how we often get in the way of our own best intentions.

For myself, I’m thinking about how many times I have been disappointed when my expectations have not been met … but then, I’m also looking at have I expressed my desires in a way that would give the other party fair warning of what I wanted?

With Networking being all about building relationships, I’m thinking that I’m going to have to be more aware of the role I play in setting up premeditated resentments.

This is definitely one of those things that has made me go, “hmmmm.”

How about you?  I would love to hear your thoughts around this.

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