Biznik 2 Minute Networking Strategy

Here’s a quick strategy to increase your networking connections if you are a member of Biznik.  (And if you aren’t a member yet, check it out at )

While you are logged into Biznik, go to your Profile.  Underneath your Profile is a section called “Your Network.”  Hopefully, there are people listed there already and if there are not please read on for a strategy that will help you to build your network.  For this example, let’s say that you have 6 people who are listed under Your Network.  Here is an easy 2 minute task that you can do that will increase your networking social capital and help you gain top of mind awareness with the folks that are already in your network.

  • Click on the photo of the first person in Your Network – Their full profile will come up and right under their larger photo, is a little heart that says “Send Compliment”
  • Click on the “Send Compliment” and a little type box pops up.  Think of something that this person has done for you, or how they have positively impacted your business, and then type in a testimonial for that person.  Once they read it and approve it, your compliment will show up on their page at Biznik.

This short 2 minute exercise serves you both in several ways.  The person you did this for will be pleasantly surprised that you made the time to leave them an unsolicited testimonial and they will remember you for your kindness.  You will benefit from the goodwill, the top of mind awareness that you just created for your friend and also for yourself.  AND, you have added to your own Social Capital because others who know your friend will also see your comment and they will think highly of you as well.

There, in just 2 minutes, you’ve spread plenty of goodwill in your corner of the internet and the universe!

Now, for those of you who have not yet added anyone to your network.  Let’s tackle that, but please know that there is not a 2 minute strategy for this.  You can start by going through your most recent week’s worth of email correspondence.  Who have you been talking with via email?  Would they be a good person to recommend Biznik to?  Biznik is an easy place to grow your relationships with people you already know – so why not invite them?  When you do invite them, please do not use the canned script that pops up in the invite window.  I would encourage you to invite them to join you on Biznik so that you can help each other to grow your connections.  Then invite at least a dozen people.  Once they sign on and show up on Biznik, go back up to the top of this post and put into practice today’s 2 minute networking strategy for Biznik.

Try this strategy every day for a week.  Just go do it and let me know how it’s working for you.

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