Midpoint Check up Time

Amazing, but true.  Here we are at the half time show for 2008.  Where are you in relation to the dreams that you held for yourself for this year.  Are your goals on track?  Are they reachable?

I’m on track for some of mine, and woefully behind on others.  One major goal of mine, I am about 40% on track … which means for the year, I’m 10% behind.  Ooops.  Must get busy.

Today, I took some time to see where I am in the scheme of things with the stuff I wanted to accomplish this year.  And as mentioned above, I get to pat myself on the back for a couple of my goals.  However, I need to give myself a quick kick into high gear if I’m going to make it on a few others.

And, one of those goals … I’m seriously thinking about renegotiating and redirecting efforts for it just isn’t that important to me anymore.  You might say, “I’m just not into it.”  Because, I’m not.

Now that I can see where I am, I’ve mapped out what I need to do and accomplish over the next 6 months.  I’ve taken the big chunks and broken them down into monthly steps.  And with those monthly steps, I can see what I need to accomplish on a weekly basis.  That of course, translates down into what needs to happen daily … and the hours and minutes will be more focused because of this attention to the bigger picture.

What I do know that I need to get a grip on is the work load of email.

I’ve noticed lately that I’ve been getting automatic responses from people that say something like this:

“Due to my high workload, I am currently checking and responding to email twice daily at 12 noon PT and 5 PM, PT Monday to Friday.  If you require urgent assistance that cannot wait until either noon PT or 5 pm PT please contact me via phone at 555-555-5555 and leave a detailed message if you get my voice mail.  Thank you for your understanding this move to more efficiency and effectiveness.  It helps me accomplish more to serve you better.”

Maybe I’ll try putting something like that into play … but don’t worry … I won’t set up an autoresponder to tell you how high my workload is for I’m going to assume that yours is just as high as mine (maybe even higher).  I think that I will quietly put this into play and see how it works.  Maybe then I’ll get an extra hour in each day that will help me spend my time on the things that will move me closer to my goals.

How about you?  What steps will you take to move closer to your goals?

To a successful and fulfilling 2nd half of the year!

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