How to Really Use LinkedIn – Book Launch News

My networking friend, Jan Vermeiren, is launching his new book – “How to Really Use LinkedIn” and he has a special offer for folks who buy his book through today or tomorrow.

This is a timely book with great and highly useful information on how to make the most of your time while you are on LinkedIn.  I have an advance copy and I’m finding the book to be easy to read and the concepts Jan covers are easy to grasp and even easier to put into place.

Topics that are covered in the book:

  • LinkedIn Functionality
  • Basic Strategies, including crafting your profile and building your network
  • Groups
  • Visibility through Answers
  • The Power of LinkedIn
  • Advanced Strategies, including how to find new clients, how to find a job, how to find suppliers
  • And, quite a lot more

The special launch offer includes a whole bunch of goodies and you can read about that at the following link

Grab the book and then grab the goodies and get busy on your LinkedIn profile!

Happy Connecting!

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